Natural Wine Red

Source: Bilberry

Form: Powder

Assay content: Anthocyanin (1.5-2.0%)

Water Soluble

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Tired of artificial dyes dulling your culinary creations? Embrace the rich, authentic tones of natural wine red food color in powder form! Crafted from carefully selected fruits and vegetables, this vibrant coloring agent offers:

  • Stunning vibrancy: Achieve deep, earthy reds that add elegance and visual appeal to your dishes.
  • Clean label appeal: Ditch the artificial ingredients and offer your customers peace of mind with natural, plant-based color.
  • Versatile application: Perfect for wines, beverages, desserts, sauces, glazes, and more!
  • Subtle yet powerful flavor: Enhance the taste of your creations with naturally occurring, complementary notes.

But it’s not just about color…

  • Sustainable choice: Minimize your environmental impact by opting for this eco-friendly alternative.
  • Health-conscious approach: Provide your customers with a healthier color option free of artificial additives.
  • Quality you can trust: Our powder is meticulously sourced and processed to ensure purity and consistency.


Ready to elevate your creations and tap into the power of nature?

Connect with us today! Our dedicated team is happy to answer your questions and discuss how our natural wine red food color can benefit your business. Fill out the contact form below and let’s explore the vibrant possibilities together!

Don’t settle for artificial, dull results. Embrace the natural beauty and endless possibilities of plant-powered color!

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  • Offer free samples or limited-time discounts to encourage initial orders.

By leveraging the growing demand for natural ingredients and highlighting the unique benefits of your product, you can motivate website visitors to take the next step and connect with you!

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