Natural Orange Red

Source: Bell Pepper

Form: Powder

Assay content: Paprika (6000CU)

Water Soluble

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Ditch the Dyes, Embrace the Bell Pepper: Natural Orange Red Food Color That Wows!

Are you tired of artificial food colors with unpronounceable ingredients? Do you crave vibrant hues without sacrificing health and flavor? Look no further than our revolutionary Natural Orange Red Food Color Powder, meticulously crafted from sun-ripened bell peppers!

Unleash the Power of Plants:

  • Sun-Kissed Vibrancy: This vibrant powder delivers a stunning orange-red hue comparable to traditional dyes, but it’s 100% natural, sourced directly from nature’s bounty.
  • Flavorful Twist: Unlike bland artificial alternatives, our bell pepper powder infuses your culinary creations with a subtle, sweet bell pepper aroma and taste, enhancing your dishes.
  • Good for You, Good for the Planet: Embrace guilt-free coloring! By choosing natural colorants, you support sustainable farming practices and avoid potentially harmful chemicals.

Imagine the Possibilities:

  • Exquisite Cakes and Pastries: Bake show-stopping cakes, cupcakes, and cookies with stunning natural colors that impress.
  • Rainbow Smoothies and Ice Creams: Create vibrant, Instagram-worthy smoothies and ice creams that are not only delicious but also naturally colored.
  • Naturally Dyed Crafts: Elevate your DIY projects with stunning hues derived from real food!

Ready to Ditch the Artificial, Embrace the Natural?

Fill out our contact form today and let’s discuss how our Natural Orange Red Food Color Powder can transform your culinary creations! We’ll answer your questions and help you unleash the vibrant potential of natural colorants in your kitchen.

Don’t settle for dull, artificial colors. Go natural, go vibrant, go bell pepper!

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